Apprenticeship Training

The apprenticeship training is a flexible, versatile and practical way of developing one’s vocational competence. In total, there are more than 300 qualifications to choose from and Sampo provides preparatory training in some of the fields of study.

The apprenticeship training is vocational training based on an employment contract, allowing the student to complete basic, vocational or specialist vocational qualifications or parts of them. The apprenticeship training is suitable to both those with no prior qualifications and those who already have previous qualifications or degrees.

Most of the learning happens at the workplace with the supervision of a workplace instructor, complemented with classroom teaching and distance learning. The skills and competence acquired during the training are demonstrated and assessed in a competence-based qualification.

Apprenticeship training is funded by state subsidiaries. The apprenticeship training center pays for the student’s studies and qualification assessment. The student pays individually for the qualification fee of 58 €.


Mirja Hosionaho, Head of Apprenticeship training, tel. +358 040 026 8948, mirja.hosionaho(at)


-       Jari Tamminen, Training Coordinator, tel. +358 40 136 4637, jari.tamminen(at)

-       Selja Piiparinen, Service Secretary, tel. +358 40 136 4687, selja.piiparinen(at)


-       Tytti Kainulainen, Training Coordinator, tel. +358 40 136 4651, tytti.kainulainen(at)

-       Else Uronen, Study Secretary tel. +358 40 136 4693, else.uronen(at)

-       Tarja Toiviainen, Training Coordinator, tel. +358 40 136 4660, tarja.toiviainen(at)

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