Career Services

The career services provide services for companies and communities wishing to develop their personnel’s professional skills and know-how. The career services are produced by the Municipal Training and Education Consortium’s subsidiary company Edusampo Oy.

Specialist Services

Sampo offers versatile authorisation card trainings, personnel training and broader service units and collaboration development. Our customers are provided with a coherent process for developing one’s skills and competence, and we make sure that the personnel acquires skills required for different careers and in working life. A set of suitable skills and competence increases a company’s competitiveness, accelerates operations and directs personnel resources increasingly well. 

Offers for Companies and Funding Solutions

We plan individual training units for companies. In terms of funding personnel training, there are different options and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) can participate in the funding. We at Sampo help you to find a suitable funding solution. 

Services for Developing Competence and Know-How

One of the most important factors in a company’s success is that the personnel holds the required professional skills and competence. It is important that these skills are managed in a planned and coherent manner. To do this, the company must clarify their needs for personnel competence and qualifications. Sampo offers tools for the management of competence and professional skills: the defining, documenting, mapping and systematic development. Edusampo Oy provides a clear and coherent process for this and uses the C&Q (Competence & Qualifications) system.

Sampo holds a partnership with some South Karelian companies. This partnership includes an annual operating plan, management of authorization cards, training and services in a partnership price, always via the same contact person.


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